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Since most modern shotgun shells use a shot cup, I doubt very much if rifling is going to "spread out" the shot at all. Probably just the opposite.
The reason the shot spreads is centrifugal force, the rifling spins the shot and the shot cup very fast, spinning causes the shot to spread. A shot cup does not change the rules of Physics. This is why shotguns are smooth bore firearms, even with a shot cup and no spin the shot spreads to a 36" diameter pattern at 40 yards. If you spun it with rifling it would spread a lot more.

From the american rifleman review:

Birdshot offers a first-shot option for home defense that reduces the chances for over penetration of thin walls or of the assailant. As with other shotshell-loaded guns, the first round of birdshot can be followed by a second round of something more potent. However, birdshot is handicapped by that exceptionally limited 10-foot effective pattern range. And even within that range, it’s possible for the light shot pellets to be defeated by heavy clothing or a drug-induced resistance to pain. Even though a spot-on head shot will put 50 percent of the shot pellets on target, the other 50 percent of the pellet payload will travel past the target to do unintended damage to people and objects close by. It's important to carefully consider the circumstances in which you will be carrying birdshot before loading up with this round.

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