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Thanks, and keep it going!

Carguychris: I like the way you are thinking about the shooting sports in high schools, though I live in SC and it seems that--with admittedly some exceptions--the majority of school districts wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole, sad to say. Still support for this is a good idea.

Zukiphile: I absolutely agree with you. I just worry that the jerks at the public ranges are often what new good folks seem to remember. I guess I'm just advocating some self-policing among fellow decent firearm owners--and hoping to see a more welcoming attitude towards decent new folks who honestly want to learn and become more knowledgeable.

Johnwilliamson062: I hope that you're right about things getting better, and I agree that the NRA could do with some PR work (though that would mean less $$$ to fight the good fight I suppose). Though I can't help but wonder how many appreciative gun owners don't support the NRA because of the organization's image.

Thanks for your thoughts and time in posting, and I welcome others to join the conversation too!
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