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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
Some analysis by Josh Blackman of The Volokh Conspiracy:

Basically, he thinks the Court will find the case moot. However, that might not be a bad thing as it means the Court could add another 2A case to its Spring docket.
Well no new Second Amendment case will be on the Spring docket according to SCOTUSblog. It will be very disappointing if they also deep six the NYC case and IMO would show a lack of interest by SCOTUS in taking up any Second Amendment cases with the current court lineup.

Justices grant one new case for spring
This afternoon the Supreme Court issued orders from the justices’ private conference earlier in the day. The justices added just one new case to their merits docket for the term: Carney v. Adams, a challenge to the constitutionality of a Delaware law that limits the number of judges affiliated with a particular political party to a “bare majority.”
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