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Originally Posted by hagar View Post
Distance matters. My NM AR with stainless Douglas barrel went south at about 5500 rounds, was still accurate at 300 yards but could not hit the broadside of a barn at 600. I could see something was going on, as I needed more and more clicks up as time went by. Some of my short range uppers were still accurate at 300 after over 8000 rounds, but I never would have taken them to a full distance match. It's actually throat wear that causes the accuracy to fall off, not barrel wear.
Thank you, that's the data I was looking for. Yes, from what I've read it's the throat wear that results in gas leakage, causing velocity loss and accelerated wear.

I went ahead and ordered a matched 16" carbine upper simply because it will be good to have. Looking forward to competing in 2020.

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