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There is a lot of hypothetical to your questions,and a limit to how much I can help you.
Yes,of course a chrome lined barrel in a spare upper will be a good investment if you want to extend the life of the original barrel.
FWIW I built a 5.56 with an 18 in Daniel Defense chrome lined hammer forged S2W profile barrel. Its free floated,1 in 8. I'm not going to offer a "bragging MOA" number,but it stays inside 1.5 MOA at 100 yds with 75 gr Hornady BTHP for 5 shot groups. Chrome lined does have a reputation for being not quite as accurate,but chrome barrels can shoot pretty good. Maybe some are made with more care than others.
I think a lot of barrels that get chrome lined are spewed out to meet low bid contracts,and they would be mediocre chrome lined or not.
I can't say I know through testing or personal experience,it is generally accepted that non-chrome barrels deliver better accuracy,but it may well be that if you begin with a barrelmaker who carefully makes accurate barrels and chrome one you might get a pretty accurate barrel. Just my guess.

I've read that stainless barrels break down in an "alligator skin" or cracked dry lakebed pattern. They can continue to shoot pretty good till you start shedding chunks.

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