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You should add a 16" chrome lined upper because you want to. Even though you'll lose a bunch of velocity.
The distance you shoot at has nothing to do with barrel life. The load you use can though. There is no estimating any of it. Too many variables involved.
Barrel life is about accuracy and that's defined differently by shooters of different disciplines. 400 isn't an NRA High Power or F Class distance. 300 and 500 are though. The 'black' on a standard 300 yard military target is 19", 24" at 500. 17 7/8" on a, F-class 300 yard target. The 'X' ring on a 300 yard target is 2.85". Which is a bit less than 1 MOA. So you can see how varied the whole thing is.
Barrel life really isn't something you should be worrying about either.
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