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Stainless Steel Barrel Life, 1 MOA @ 400 yards

I have a Knights SR-15 LPR with the stainless barrel as my precision AR. I've researched extensively, and the general consensus is the barrel life should last to ~5,000 rounds @ 600 yards.

My question is after this point is reached, what the estimated life-span would be to maintain 1 MOA out to 400 yards. I'll be shooting no more than 10 rounds at a time, with at least a couple minutes between strings.

Essentially, I'm debating on whether to add a 16" chrome lined upper so not to put unnecessary wear on the precision upper, or to downgrade it to 400 yard duty once it reaches this point, keeping the overall "feel" the same (and have another precision upper). I read about one person who had 15k on his, however he was only shooting at 50 yards so it's not relevant.

I'm very new to long distance AR precision, so input from those with more experience is appreciated.
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