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Originally Posted by NJgunowner
Personally I'm hoping for some sort of relief in the transport of firearms, NJ has one of those overly ridiculous can't transport a handgun unless it's to a range, or from a range to home, with no stops in between laws.
Transport seems to be what the case is about .... if the justices don't decide that the case is moot. But it's about transport within, into, and out of New York City under a New York City premises permit. I'm not sure how even a favorable ruling on the question would apply to New Jersey.

Or to neighboring Connecticut, for that matter. Connecticut has a licensing scheme sort of, somewhat, in a manner of speaking similar to that of NYC. Connecticut has carry permits. (Unlike in NYC, however, ordinary citizens in Connecticut can actually obtain carry permits.) Connecticut also has something called an "Eligibility Certificate for Possess Pistol or Revolver." Like their Permit to Carry Pistol or Revolver, this certificate allows the holder to purchase a firearm. (In Connecticut, nobody can purchase a firearm without having either a carry permit or a certificate of eligibility.) The difference is that the eligibility certificate allows the holder to buy the firearm and take it home ... period. It does NOT allow transport between locations within the state, and it does NOT allow transporting the firearm -- even unloaded and locked in a case -- from home to a range. All it does is allow you to buy a gun and bring it home (and take it to a gunsmith for repairs).

If the SCOTUS does rule against NYC's old law, it will be interesting to see if the ruling will be worded in a way that would allow a challenge to the Connecticut law.
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