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Originally Posted by silvermane_1
*cuckles* I needed a good laugh, the "gun control laws" are aimed at a *ahem* much fairer complexion demographic, just look at firearm crime related statistics sometime to see what *ahem* "demographic" takes the "blue ribbon" in those stats, because "the powers that be" don't care about "crime", they care about the "control" and that's what "gun control" is about, it has little to do with "guns".
Whites commit more crime because there are more white people. We were looking at the mass murder rates on another forum; someone was making the tired argument that the problem was obviously whitey by posting the number of mass murders in the past 20 years sorted by race. Well, adjust the numbers for the percent of total population and you get a totally different picture. You can guess what group was overrepresented. The most interesting thing I saw (and I got in trouble for pointing it out) is that Latinos were underrepresented.

I have no idea how that compares to overall crime stats, and I'm not sure it's a worthwhile topic for discussion.

I agree with your conclusion, just not how you got there.
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