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I'm waiting for a 7" Redhawk in .41 mag been casually searching for about 3 years and unless I want to pay $1600 currently for a $900 gun I will continue to wait..
While the Internet has put the whole nation's inventory on your screen with a few mouseclicks, it has not yet managed to repeal the law of supply and demand.

Something like that happened in the pre-internet days of the early 70s with the S&W M29. After the movie Dirty Harry, demand for the S&W .44Mag rocketed to the moon, and hugely out paced both the guns available on the market and S&W's capacity to make them.

MSRP (new) was $283.50. And you could get one from S&W for that price. With a wait time of over 2 years...

Friend of mine got a used 6" nickel model 29, and paid $450. He was happy to do it, to get the gun in his hands, TODAY. He didn't really want a nickel gun but that's what was for sale and he bought it, at the inflated asking price, because it would likely be months or more likely years before he found another for sale.

After the Dirty Harry "bubble" burst (which did take a few years), one could often find several new looking S&W 44 Mags in the used case at the gunshops. Frequently they came with a box of ammo containing 44 live rounds and 6 fired cases.

From what I hear, the only thing harder to find than a Redhawk in .41 is one in .357. Though I'd think the reverse would be true. .41s are not, and never were to most produced caliber. Not much to be done about that, one either waits until the desired gun, in the desired price range wanders into your sights, (which can take years or even decades!!) or one pays what the people who have them for sale want for them.
Good luck!

Murphy being Murphy there's a good chance that after you do find and buy that 7" .41 Redhawk you're wanting, then several others will show up for sale, some for less than whatever it was you paid. Life is often funny that way...
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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