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Be patient. One will turn up.

Related story, if I may indulge:

For several years, I wanted a S&W 629 Classic w/ 5" bbl. I wanted one, but not enough to move it to a top priority (we all have guns like that, right?), so I never got one. Then came a time when I was a bit flush with cash and I went to my LGS to buy a gun - I didn't have a specific gun in mind, I just went to go buy some gun. And yes, there it was: the 5" Classic. Sold.

It's a great gun. The trigger is really smooth for a new S&W (2016-ish). I'm glad I got it.

BTW, the second gun I ever got was a 629 w/ 8-3/8" bbl (1983; new, and I still have it). It has seen more than its fair share of "super hot handloads," and I can tell you that gun is fit as a fiddle.
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