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Back when this was originally proposed, there were bills introduced in several states, all essentially identical, and lobby for by the same group, one that was shown to have ties with the owner of the patented microstamping process.

Passed in CA, challenged, and upheld, with the adjustment to the original law that it could not be enforced until "microstamping" was no longer patent protected technology.

The entire thing seems to have been a slick boondoggle aimed at making money for the patent owner. After all, if the LAW requires people to buy your product, and you are the sole supplier, its a big money maker.

Ruger (and some others, IIRC) simply decided they aren't playing that game, are not going to retool their factories to comply with the CA law, and are simply not going to market their products in CA.

Sucks for the people of CA, but they did vote the people who passed the law into office.....
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