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Amazing product.

I did a little test of it between yesterday and today, i took my Sig to the range already lubed as usual with Breakfree CLP. Shot 100 rounds the came home and after a HEAVY application of gun scrubber i lubed with Weapon Shield. Went back to the range today, another 100 rounds, same ammo. The gun runs smoother, its noticeably different. Plus i didn't have it weeping out like BreakFree does, it seems to stick better to the metal and stays where its supposed to. Afterwards i cleaned with Weapon Shield and was impressed as to how good it was as removing carbon, my barrel hasn't looked this good in a while. THANK YOU WEAPON SHIELD, ill be placing my order on payday.

On a side note it leaves this nice semi gloss finish on my Sig that i have never seen before, BreakFree just wipes off completely where Weapon Shield sticks.
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