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Gun Totin Fool,

I'm glad nothing bad came out of your situation. Three punks against 1 person is considered potentially deadly or bapable of great bodily harm. In those circumstances, lethal force is justified. In addition, they were tresspassing and you were at your place of employment. I think that gives you further rights as opposed to being on public property. I'm not advocating shooting them, but if they continue to approach in a menacing manner, I would probably shoot. One thing to consider is getting a camera system to cover your butt. The cost of a decent digital recording system and "vandal proof" cameras have dropped to the point where they are quite affordable. PM me if you want some more info.

As for Ghost Rider,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I think you crossed the line when you fired the shot into the ground. I think most members of this forum would agree that would be considered illegal discharge of a firearm. It sucks that you have gang bangers for neighbors. They obviously know where you live and there are probably many of them. You don't know most of them. I would say get the hell out of dodge and find a better place. You can't take on a whole gang. They could pop the dog easily or poison it so don't think you will get some kind of advanced warning. If the police are not will or able to do anything about them, it is time to up and leave. I know it is your home and all, but what good is it if you don't even feel safe in your own home.
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