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First thing our CCW instructor asked us, was who had a cell phone. It was his opinion that it was better to leave the house without your gun than without your cell phone. Every time you touch your gun, you need to call it it in. EVERY TIME. I have had to pull my weapon several times, every time I have called it in. Cops come out see the circumstance and I get a pat on the back. PLUS I more or less get immunity from a scum bag saying i threatened him.

Last month i was collecting rent from a building and there were three punks who kept looking for me, I am in the buildings all the time and these guys were not from the building. I was on the third floor and i heard the front door open but no apartment door open nad close so i figured they were in the building., I called 911 and asked for a squad car on base of suspicious youths. I told the dispatcher I was on the third floor and would wait for the officers and I was armed. Before the cops got there i heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I pulled my weapon and got in a spot where it was dark but they would be in the light. They saw me and told me to give them the littlebag of cash, I said no way it was all checks, they just laughed at me and said no one in the building had a checking account. I presented the weapon and told them i was armed and the police had been called and were still on 911 (they were not, next time i will learn) as i held the cell phone toward them, I also hold still i wanted to take their picture with the phone...They made some comments but they ahd lost their will and walked away. by the time they got to the second floor they were flying to get out of the building. Few minutes later Cops called out from the door "POLICE OFFICERS!!" i said hello, I was the one who called and was on the second floor now, said "i put the gun away, here are my hands, i am walking to you now", and they said "ok fine." One officer asked me about my weapon, I indicated it was on my hip, and he looked to the other officers and they just shrugged. I showed them my id and my business card which tied me to the property management company who had a sign on the wall. I was asked if I was ok, I said I was, I said I have a picture of them on my phone and what did they want me to do with that, they looked at it and said save it for the detectives who will be calling you.

The point of this opus is had i just pulled my gun in fear for my life and property, (which i was) and not called the cops, I would have been at risk for being accused of displaying or brandishing. A CCW does not give the right to settle and arguement or threat by showing the gun without consequences. If you understand the process, you will mostlikely comeout ok. if you think you can just pull it out and scare them off and that is the end of it, it does not work that way.
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