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I would prefer shooting from a pocket.
Since this is your preference, Im assuming you regularly practice doing so (be it drawing from a pocket, or shooting through it) at the range with live ammo and in a realistic manner, at realistic targets. If you dont, what makes you think youll be able to do it without thought when your focus is elsewhere?

For me, the thought of getting caught up close, with my hand buried in a pocket, especially one that required I draw the gun (or knife, or whatever), to use it, is not a pleasant thought. Might as well have that arm tied behind my back.

I think some are going to have to face the fact, that until you can do something to generate distance so you can get to and deploy your gun, you may well have to drop back to a secondary, or even third line of planning/skills (you have at least a secondary, right?), and be able to flow fairly fluidly into them.

I think if you want to be realistic about all this, you need to have at least a basic base in some other skills, and understand, that just like shooting, "everything" has specific targets that need to be focused on, to obtain specific results. Having some actual "hands on" experience also quickly shows that those "fixed" plans you have in your head (you know, the ones where you always come out the winner ), generally go to schei├če when the other guys plan, doesnt do what your plan expects.
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