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JohnKSa wrote:
The question wasn't whether or not to use a knife if that's all that comes to hand. The question was:

"Which is better to have for self defense?"

I believe the OP was:

Which is better to have for self defense,
a gun or a knife at arm's length distance at night?
The whole day/night thing not withstanding, I think that is an important distinction. While the handgun, in most but the direst of circumstances, would be the obvious choice and, offer the greatest advantage, the scenario described is a bit focused.

If the attacker is already at "arms distance" as someone else pointed out:

If your attacker is within arms reach, then you better already be fighting with whatever you've got.
True Dat ! If the person is already that close, you are likely already grappling, fending punches, or dodging a blade. Hopefully you can create some space, and be able to deploy the firearm, A blade of your own might be the only tool you can use to create that space. I know from my own experience that I can deploy the blade clipped to my front pocket more quickly, and with less space, than I can draw from concealment, and certainly could do it easier while still actively fighting. YMMV, of course.

Within the given parameters, the knife might be the best option, if I can only choose one.
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