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Knives have other benifets that merit having one on your person all the time, anyway.
It's not unreasonable that someone should have a handy knife in a SD scenario.

All my practical SD training is with firearms.
Other then that, the only thing I know is to be mean, go for weak spots and use whatever you get your hands on.

I know that any attacker that comes after me is going to be bigger, have much more upper body strength and my only advatage is going to be that if he's intrested in rape rather then just outright killing me, he's not trying to kill me when I'm trying to kill him.

Therefore, I tend to be a little snippy when it comes to what I perseve as a more "macho" approch to self defense. SD is about putting down a threat as quickly and as effeciently as possible, which is where a gun comes in handy. Always.

Again. There are no garentees. The best we can do is give ourselves the greatest advantage possible.
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