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Which is better to have for self defense, a gun or a knife at arm's length distance at night?

I can see the Jim Bowie fans thinking about his duel in the warehouse when he fought a guy and under the terms they would come at night and in stocking feet.

Any weapons was allowed.

He, of course, brought his famous knife.

But, that was in the flintlock days, and times and weapons have changed.

A gun has the advantages of being good at any range, close or far. One does not have to slash or stab or even reach out toward someone. Just turn the barrel by a flick of the wrist and fire, repeatedly. It can be done from the hip, or in retention. Can be aimed at the legs, pelvis, on up to the head. One can fire a gun at arms length from many attitudes.

I'd just take a sub-compact Glock.

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