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If I don't have a gun (or my gun is inoperable) I'm gonna use whatever comes to hand.

It may be a knife. It may be a rock. It may be my elbow. If I'm at work, it may be the big honking handle of the plastic flexilead, or it may one half a pooper scooper.

If your attacker is within arms reach, then you better already be fighting with whatever you've got. It's not a point in time to get picky.
If you want to be picky about your self defense, then you have to be prepared. So if you want to depend on a knife, best get some real training now.

I'd prefer to depend on a heavy gun that I can use as a bludgon if it fails to fire, and baring that, the fact that I'm mean enough and stubborn enough fight tooth and nail and hope for the best.

There are no garentees.
Mal: "If anyone gets nosy, know... shoot 'em. "
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