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To quote Pax;
"I have done quite a bit of force on force and other types of training with a trained "knife guy." My observation has been that nobody can attain that level of skill from one or two weekend classes, and very few people will put in the effort it takes. Those who have attained that level of skill know who they are, because they have worked to get there and they know what they themselves can or can't do. The rest of the folks reading this thread, the ones who are wondering – they are not that guy. They will fit easily within the norms shown in the statistics."

I started training in martial arts when I was 12. I was shooting when I was 8.
I got a LOT more training later as a US Marine and later still working for DOD in both improvised weapons and firearms use.

I have now been training men and women to fight since I was 24 years old, and I am now 57. So I have been using firearms for 49 years and been practicing martial arts for 45 years, and training others in those skills for 33 years.
So I have learned a bit about it.

PAX is correct in her statement!

I would point out one more time that this whole discussion is about fighters and NOT about the kind of weapon used.

It's always going to be an issue of training and mindset FAR more than it is about the kind of weapon used.

I say again from my earlier post

There is no inherent virtue in a weapon.
The virtue and abilities are in the man or woman.

The knife or the gun are just tools.
Tools don’t DO work,
they are worked with.
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