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You're welcome.

As I stated earlier, mine is identical to yours with the exception of the bolt handle. Mine has the conventional knob at the end of the stem. My s/n is 3946xx, so the guns aren't that far apart. I don't know enough about Anschutz guns to know if they were numbered in series with other Anschutz products or in a series of their own. If that were the case there would be close to half a million of these little guys floating around and you just don't see that many.

The front sight on mine is a more or less conventional type with a relatively thin 2mm thick base. The center blade is also relatively short, and stands about 5mm tall from the top of the base. There is nothing unconventional about it and you can probably find something suitable on eBay that will approximate the "vintage" look.

The book Jim Watson refers to is the old "ALFA" catalog, a reprint of a ca. 1911 catalog of a major European arms dealer. The two guns he refers to look very similar to the Anschutz, but it is a very basic design.

The only other difference between yours and mine other than the bolt, is that mine is not marked "Made in Germany" and calibre is stamped as "6mm Flobert," which was, apparently, an early 20th century term for the .22 lr. (The bore actually mikes out to 5.5mm.)

If it helps you out at all, I paid $125.00 for mine at a Phoenix gun show about 10 years ago.

Also, if your bore is in good condition, they are crazy accurate.
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