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I need help identifying JGA Karabiner

I recently bought a 22 single shot rifle. It's a JGA Karabiner and I need help identifying the model, age, and anything else I can learn about the rifle. It is missing the front sight which I will try to replace if anyone can tell me what is correct and suggest where I may be able to find any spare parts. Also, what is an approx. value?

Any help will be greatly appreciated !

Here's some details and pictures:

The barrel is marked JGA,,Original" Karabiner
Made in Germany
Cal. 22 long rifle
proofmark is a crown over N

Serial # 401272 on receiver

JGA is circled and stamped on the top of the receiver

The bolt is flat (spoon) and has the circled JGA stamped on it

It has a monte Carlo style stock with a Schnabel fore-end

It cocks by pulling back the bolt knob and also after when closing the bolt. When I open the bolt and eject the spent shell, I have to push the bolt handle forward and down. This last push forward cocks the rifle (the knob stays back in the cocked position).

The spent shell is extracted from the chamber by the the bottom half of the chamber face sliding rearward, pulling against the rim if the cartridge, and then a lever from under the action engages upward and ejects the brass.

The barrel is approx. 23 3/4 inches long






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