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Originally Posted by Master Blaster View Post
Lock up not as tight as a colt really....
I bought my PC 627 in 2009, since then it probably has had 5-6,000 rounds of ammo through it about 25% full power .357. It has No play, end shake or movement of any kind... For a Colt it would be time for a trip to the gunsmith.

The 627 PC is a great gun and well worth the price you will love it.
Really?? Lol I have my dads python, carried as a deputy sheriff.

Over 45,000 rounds, zero issues. Approximately, 65% magnum the rest 38 special

My first python, 38,754 total 14,730 magnum about 38% 24,024 special about 62% Zero issues, other than extensive wearing on dads gun from being carried they are as tight as my unfired pythons.

Calling the python action weak is just repeating bs from people that have no first hand knowledge. There is approximately 3 THREE, qualified colt python action gunsmith. Now, I love my S&W, I own a bunch, so I’m qualified to have an opinion without being a colt fanboy.

The s&w is a superior design in that it is simple, needs no real fitting, and any moron with a screwdriver can fiddle with it. The python has a beautiful design that actually tightens as trigger is pulled. I’m not saying better, but it’s pretty darn cool. But it requires very precise fitting. Talking to a colt gunsmith he said the vast majority of repairs he’s seen. They were either worked on by the owner, the smith the owner paid to wreck it or believe it or not, many were damaged by “flailing”. A idiotic cowboy movie invention. Hold a SAA trigger back while striking the hammer with opposing hand. Bob Munden used this trick. Guess what? It tore up guns. He had to design his own that could handle it. Many were damaged, in fact I bought a beautiful 4” chrome model in the mid 90’s, I paid a crazy low amount. And my dad saw the damage. Well, that one fires just fine.
Pythons aren’t worth the crazy prices. BUT, they will never be made again. Can’t be made actually. But sneering at a fine gun, and repeating such comments? Come on, I love my S&Ws, carry one daily. But I’ve seen so many 29s fail, it amazes me. I won’t carry on, but s&w has made many turds.

Sorry if I seem harsh. But calling colts action weak is balderdash. Most of our fellow gunmen tinker with their crap and don’t want to admit what they did.
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