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Amazon has two separate programs, 'Amazon Prime' and another called 'Kindle Unlimited'. As far as I can tell the above books are free for 'Kindle Unlimited' but not free if all you have is 'Amazon Prime'.
They also have a program called "Prime Reading" where a select group of books are free for anyone with Amazon Prime (you can 'borrow' up to 10 books at a time). When you finish reading one, you can trade it for another book. How long they stay in the Prime Reading selection, I have not been able to determine.

I added both of these books to my Kindle library for free with Prime Reading and they appear to still be available. I do not have Kindle Unlimited.

Here's how you can tell the difference:

Prime Reading books will have "Prime members read for free" next to a yellow "Read for Free" button. (You would have to log in to Amazon with your Prime account to see this)

Kindle Unlimited (which is an additional subscription over Amazon Prime) will have "$0.00 Kindle Unlimited" next to an orange "Buy now with One Click" button.

Some books may say both.

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