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I think a lot of people dont realize just how far things are out in the world. They seem to base thier skills on what they do at the range, at targets of a known distance, and those are usually pretty close/short.

50 yards sounds like a long shot, when in reality, in many places, its simply one end of a supermarket isle to the other. Across the front of our local Walmart is close to 100.

I know its popular these days for many on these types of forums to chastise anyone who believes they have a duty to help if they can, and I suppose it must be a difference in generations and how we were brought up, but there was a time people actually looked out for each other, even total strangers, and did what they felt was right, if they could. Im not talking about looking for trouble, not in the least. Im talking about seeing something bad going down, and having the means to stop something like a mass shooting, etc, instead of running away, because the internet law experts tell you, you have to run away, or youll get in trouble. Sad state of affairs these days I think, but I guess it is what it is.

If you choose to carry a gun, consider that you may need to deal with something that is more than arms length away, and if youre not capable of dealing with things that really are "realistic" distances, I think you need to ask yourself why. If you feel the need to carry a gun, then why not carry as realistic a gun as possible, and be proficient with it?
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