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pedersoli(uberti) rolling block caliber decision

we have a little game at my local shooting range called "cowboy style varmint control" its about shooting varmint shape steel plates at 50, 100, 150, 200 yards. Of course only "cowboy weapons" and cast bullets (no gc) are allowed, i use a marlin 1895 in .357mag and a 1874 sharps in 45-70gov., well, the sharps is accurate enough but its overkill for the game, the marlin is good up to 100 yards. The smallest of the steel plates is the rat (approx. 2.5" high, 4" long) hitting it at 150 yards is a real challenge, hitting it at 200 yards is nearly impossible for me using the marlin.
i think the pedersoli rolling block rifle could be just what i need but im not sure which caliber i should choose. options for me are 30-30win, 357mag and 38-55win. question is: is this rifle capable to shoot 2.5" groups at 200 yards? which cartridge gives me best accuracy? i guess its 30-30 but im not sure, many people say the 38-55 is very accurate too.
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