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I don't doubt your experience but were these situations designed to replicate reasonably likely real life scenarios?
Several of the scenarios were based on actual real-life fact patterns that did occur; however, there are some important differences that could skew the data:

The participants are all very familiar with firearms and are participants in Simunitions training under the instruction of a former Royal Marine Commando. None of the roleplaying "bad guys" ever said "O wow, he has a gun too, let's get out of here!" In every case, they were determined aggressors who would continue the attack until you not only hit them; but hit them in such a way that the referee ruled them dead.

So right away, you have a much higher level of agressiveness in both the attacker and the defender than you would see in a typical encounter where lives are on the line.

Also while interior walls don't block pistol rounds, they block Simunitions rounds quite well - meaning shots that might have ended the fight sooner never landed in our training.

Two guys (civilian and BG) in an extended 40 round shoot out on the streets is rare. So rare, that I've never seen or heard of an example.
The 40 rounds assumed both shooters empty their entire ammunition supply. To my knowledge that never happened and only once did someone use all 20 rounds (unsuccessfully it turned out). The 50% I described is where the shooters are in close contact (under 7yds) and can visually see each other and when one shooter runs dry (fires the first ten rounds in his magazine), the other chases him down and shoots him while he tries to reload the next ten. So the round count could be 11 rounds and still fit that description.

I think I reloaded maybe twice the entire course. It has been awhile so the details are foggy for me. And while probably not what you had in mind, here is a civilian and BG (and police) involved in a 116 round shooting, though high-capacity magazines would have made no difference in it.
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