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Those of us who ascribe to the Jeff Cooper school are trained to draw our weapon with the strong hand while our weak hand is "velcro'd" to abdomen/navel. As the strong hand punches out with the weapond, the two hand grip is achieved.

When being rushed, we might use a straight arm to block, stab or deflect the attacker, firing from close retention or other position. (Naturally, footwork is emphasized as far more effective than one armed grappling, but footwork is a topic for another thread).

I am only peripherally aware of GSGI's presentation technique using the weak hand to a high (chest?) position and the elbow(?) to block the rush. As this technique allows the attacker to get closer than a straight arm, we have given up some distance, violating the rule that "distance is your friend". It does, however, seem a better platform for deflecting the attack while moving.

I'd like to hear more about this technique and conditions under which it is employed. Other techniques for close quarters presentation and retention are also welcome, as this is an often overlooked area of training for many.

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