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To pass a Ban of Firearms, the Supreme court ruling that the 2nd Ammendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms would have to be overturned. the only way that this could happen is by a discovery based on new evidence. Then an Appeal could be filed to the Supreme Court and the ruling could then be revisited.

such and appeal IMHO is not likely, in order for the Supreme Court to accept it there must be something discovered that has not been included in the original precedings

the second Ammendment has been clarified as a individual right by a decision of 5-4 it passed by the narrowest of margins but nevertheless it is a victory in our corner and one of monumental importance.

The government will never outright confiscate firearms from its citizens, to do so the congress would have to overturn the 2nd ammendment with a 3/4 majority vote. I do not believe regardless of party that this is a possibilty in my lifetime.

But for a moment lets just say that door to door confiscation were approved, Whom would the government appoint to carry out this order?

I served in the ARMYfor 4 years as a RANGER none of my brothers would take up arms against their own citizens or families.

the police? most Law enforcement officers have prior military service backgrounds so I dismiss this as well.

Our government will never risk a civil war again there will always be guns in America, a outright ban on semi automatics that resemble or are the same weapons used by military and law enforcement will most likely be the next target and many Americans will not object to this especially urban Americans who are not educated and have not grown up around guns.

who uses an AR 15 style rifle for deer hunting? this is how our government will ban semi automatics.
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