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They seem to only accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks. The only way to pay by credit card is to reveal all sensitive information such as the card number.....expiration date-no problem, but what kills me is their need for the 3 digit security code in the back of the card.
Giving us the 3 digit code is for your security and benefit as well as ours. It helps verify that you are who you say you are. Most mail order houses will ask for the 3 digit security code along with your billing information when placing a credit card order for verification purposes. Since we do not physically have your card in our hand when processing the sale, it helps protect us (and you) against fraud. Yes, it's not only the card holder that has to worry about getting ripped off. Credit card owners are generally protected against charges on fraudulant sales, merchants are not.

It should be noted we don't charge cards till the day we ship!

Ive emailed them with my concern and stated im not in the practice of giving such info especialy through the internet
We are not set up to accept orders on-line, so the accepted method is for the customer to mail via USPS, Fax, or call the order in to get the order into the queue. I can understand if you don't feel comfortable giving out personal billing info to someone you haven't done business with before. But unfortunately without that info, I cannot accept a credit card order from you.

Yeah, some may say "then go with the check option" but dude! with a 20-26 week wait i cant affort another week or two for check clearance.
As I explained to you via email, if you wish to pay by check, you must send payment in with your order. That would be at the time you place your order, not when the order is complete. Since we quoted you 20 to 26 weeks on delivery, that would be plenty of time for your check to clear.

There's only a couple instances where we demand payment in advance and one of them is if the customer prefers to pay by check. To many problems in the past with check paying customers to do it any other way. There's a blurb on the questions page of our website that explains our policy on this.

And to those paying by check, how long did it take to receive some sort of verification of payment registry?
As I also explained to you in my email, our policy is to print out and mail you an acknowledgement within 24 hours of receiving your order. The acknowledgement/confirmation has all the physical data you need including acknowledgment that we received your payment.

Second best is not an option.
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