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Old .22's,beaters, worth it?

If you add it all up in Dollars and cents,rebuilding ,restoring,and\or redoing old guns .whatever you want to label it,eg. Making an old gun work and look better is
,more times than not is not worth it- in dollars and cents,unless you pick only high dollar models handed over to you by high dollar people who can't or won't t do the work themselves.Then nobody knows anything about the cheap little single shots that more often than not started many low dollar guys off on life as a gun my Stevens model 120 which was my first rifle and one I still own,I actually own two now,and a whole slew of other low dollar .22's have gone through my hands, and been made better after the years beat them up and they washed up on my shores.Some real jewels have been discovered,like the JC Higgins 29 -34 series which were not actually a cheap .22 -about the same price as a Marlin 39a in 1950 around $50.00 but picking through old .22's in ll gun stores is how I found my first one. But I am still a sucker for the old single shots like Remington 33's etc. Sorry just had to blab about old .22's and thought this would be good to say
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