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That's NOT ugly, that's a good idea.
Agreed - poor phrasing on my part.

This part of the code is not ugly.

The entire panic unfolding is what is ugly & turning uglier at an alarming rate.

This part of the US code does appear to have been put in place after Katrina.
The conundrum here is - it applies to federal employees - or - anyone under the control of federal employees. That pat is plain and simple.

BUT....just where does that leave local authority - such as Champaign Il. ?
OR - the National Guard - - which at this time is only happening in Georgia. The 6 I spoke of earlier have been cancelled.

Just when does federal start & local end?
This is from the FEMA website:
(regarding Trump declaring a National Emergency)

"The emergency declaration does not change measures authorized under other federal statutes and HHS remains the lead federal agency directing the federal response to COVID-19. FEMA actions will be in support of HHS and in coordination with state, tribal and territorial governments. Eligible emergency protective measures taken at the direction or guidance of public health officials in response to this emergency, and not supported by the authorities of another federal agency, will be reimbursed strictly under the FEMA Public Assistance program. FEMA assistance will be provided at a 75 percent Federal cost share. Reimbursable activities typically include emergency protective measures such as the activation of State Emergency Operations Centers, National Guard costs, law enforcement and other measures necessary to protect public health and safety."

Since it appears that FEMA (the feds) are picking up 3/4 of the tab,does that mean they are in charge over National Guard & state & local law enforcement?
If so - then the US code is there to help protect our right to keep and bear arms during this whole thing.
If not - then are we at the mercy of some wannabe dictator - such as the mayor in Il. that's set up to pretty much rule over that city is she wises?
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