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They use the donations to pay for that $10 a month web site, and the rest goes right into their pocket as "miscellaneous expenses".
Nope - according to the documentation on Open Secrets - the money the PAC collects, it's donated to democratic candidates all over the country.

Just how do we as gun owners fight this sort of thing? I certainly do not have the money to run a Rebuttal Ad.
Sure you do! All you have to do is form a PAC - like they did - submit all the proper documentation - then sit back and collect all the donations and distribute them to the opposing candidates - call your PAC something catchy like - Stop Democrats.


Visit this list of PACs and check them out:

Maybe bring the link you posted to one of them and see if they can help you out.

This attitude of thinking online petitions are a waste is simply going to kill our side.
We are in a civil war & one of the main weapons in this war is the control of the flow of information - and our side is driving a spike in the heart of that critical flow.
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