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Need experienced opinions .50 Cal pedersoli flintlock Hawken

Hello all, pondering an entry level flintlock rifle in .50, mostly for deer hunting legality in more places. I really want to spend a little tiny bit more and get the Pedersoli 'entry level' .36 flintlock rifle. But it is more restricted in what you can hunt with it where.
Can you use reduced loads, say fifty grains of 2f behind a patched ball to take small game reliably with a .50 where legal? Looks good 'on paper' has anybody done it?
Right now I'm seriously leaning towards a Pedersoli .36, and carrying a 44 with Kaido's VKV 220s' in it as a companion arm. Conversely, I would lean towards a .36 cal replica as a companion arm to a .50. not being a re-enactor or traditionalist.
The .36 rifle and .44 revolver combo would use the same propellant. I'm reading that the 3f can even be used to prime the pan?
Also, does anybody have a guess at whether or not a .377 conical can be forced down the bore of the Pedersoli .36, unpatched?
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