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Originally Posted by AK103K View Post
I have actual experience with the Null holster as well, and seem to have had a different experience than you.

The Null, and Galco are both minimalist shoulder holsters, and about as small as they get, but they both still do print, or show a tell with their straps, just like the bigger holsters, especially if you now what youre looking at.

In reality, most people are oblivious to things anyway, so it probably doesnt matter, but for those who are looking, shoulder holsters are still usually one of the easiest to spot.
As someone who has primarily shoulder-carried in cool weather for years, I don't think anyone has ever noticed. The key factor is your cover garment. You won't be able to take it off, ever. Here is what I've learned:

Carry vertically. Having the gun in plane with your torso can minimize printing. Common concerns about shoulder carry include pointing the muzzle behind you and broad sweeps on the draw. This eliminates the former and allows you to minimize the latter. Practice drawing with an unloaded gun.

Choose height placement based on body type. Depending on your harness, you might be able to carry anywhere from right above the belt to way up in your armpit. Try different heights. Depending on your individual body type, different heights will print less or be easier to draw. I've found that high placement works for me. The main challenge is that your holster can start smelling like an armpit. Vodka is a good cleaner for this, especially on synthetics.

Now for the main thing: cover garments. Out and about around town, I've done well with just a leather jacket or canvas field coat. That's easy because at the store or wherever, you'll often keep those on. Winter jackets can be tougher depending on where you go, but none of this matters for most work environments. There, a suit, blazer, or even a thick cardigan sweater* can work; depending on your individual body type and choice of carry. Just remember, you'll be committed to it once you leave your house.

* A friend who knows jokingly calls this "Mr. Rogers Carry". This method is highly dependent on placement, body type, and choice of firearm. As with any of these, spend some time carrying around the house on weekends first. Have a family member watch for printing. The thinner or more sheer the material, the tougher it is. Learn what not to do, like crouching down to create a point behind you.
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