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Mulie buck for an out of state hunter

I took a shirt tail relative mule deer hunting. He had wanted to do a Colorado muley hunt for a long time, and so I agreed to help him. He is from out of state and lives a long way from here so it was a costly adventure for him. He has hunted deer a lot more than me, but always whitetail, so he wasn't a novice. It snowed all day the day before we hunted. He spied a few little whitetail bucks, a few muley does. Then he saw a pretty nice buck by any standard, and got it down. The guy was really excited to get a decent buck. It was a great experience for me too. He caped it back to the tail and down to the legs and he has a taxidermist that is going to do a "backpack mount."
I will try posting a picture here. My phone takes photos that have to many pixels and even chopping them down doesn't do it.

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