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Sig p365 manual safety first range session

Straight to the range from the LGS, no disassembly and using factory lube. 200 rounds umc 115gr with 10round mag.

3 failure to lock back, no other malfunction. Primer drag still exists. No spring contact marks on magazine. Most likely due to me hitting the slide release, thumbs forward riding the safety. Was not able to duplicate using thumb below safety grip.

Safety is very positive and did not accidentally engage. Did not notice any excessive stiffness on the lever, although it takes a deliberate effort to engage. Safety is not protected by frame like the shield. Very easy to disengage, especially for those who shoot 1911. Even though the lever is not very pronounced, grip it like a 1911 and it falls right under your thumb’s joint. You can ride the safety and helps a bit with recoil. The safety did take off skin where the thumb meets the web of the hand, for me at least is a pressure point. You def feel the safety is there if you shoot thumb forward, very similar to 1911 grip. You can rack the slide with safety engaged. You can’t engage the safety if you pull the trigger. (The shield you can engage safety even after you pull trigger)

Just inspected it a bit closer. I believe it’s the very rear end of the safety that’s poking the web/thumb and could be better contoured with the frame.


Width measured with ambi: 1.12 (basically right side safety lever, left side lever sticks out as far as slide release and takedown lever)
Width non ambi p365: 1.00

I wouldn’t call the recoil snappy, just the gun is smaller and doesn’t fill the hand. Actually quite pleasant to shoot, some mention torquing during recoil but I didn’t notice any. Locking thumbs and below safety grip is also very controllable.

Sights are great (and functional lol)

Inaccurate guns are boring...but the p365 can definitely hang with the best out there, that includes full size guns.

Lastly 10rd mag was super stiff (loaded all 200rd by hand), very stiff and difficult to drop the slide on empty mag.

That’s it! Call me impressed for this mini range session (well, impressed RELIEVED? partly because of the horror stories)

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