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As for the recent Taurus posts, I am a bit guarded and I'm not getting my hopes too high yet. I know their customer service sucks, and if it wasn't such a niche gun for me I probably wouldn't chance it. Still, I figure my chances are pretty decent I'll get a good one, and eventually they'll get it right if I don't. I'm actually pretty glad I went Taurus. Since my last post, two of my tires needed replaced (and tires for my car are NOT cheap). I seem to be bleeding money lately (if the tires went before I bought the gun, I would have waited).

That said, I got a call late last week that the gun was in. With all the stuff with the move, I wasn't able to get to the store Thurs or Fri, and they are closed on the weekend. I'll have to get there tomorrow to pay the balance, take a look over the gun, and start the paperwork to start the MD waiting period (I've been waiting a week for the gun already, but the "cooling off period" doesn't start until I do the paperwork, which I can't do until the gun is in the dealer's hands- ugh).
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