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Originally Posted by Minorcan
Originally Posted by Theohazard
Even if you're on a temporary work assignment, if you're doing the things that one would be expected to do when they're living somewhere (renting an apartment, traveling daily to a regular work assignment, sleeping there regularly, paying utility bills, etc.), it would be pretty hard to convince someone that you're not "making a home" there. And remember, if you're making a home in a state, then you're a resident of that state for the purposes of buying a firearm under federal law.
Again states can go both ways even in the same state. For example, even if you are only working a week or so some states try to declare you a temporary resident so they can collect state revenue taxes but then refuse to provide unemployment even though they earlier declared you a resident of the state. It's governments and they bend or interpret the rules for their gain not the citizens.
We're not talking about any state's definition of residency here. We're simply talking about the specific definition of residency for the purpose of transferring a firearm under federal law, which has already been mentioned and cited numerous times in this thread.
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