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Leupold 1-4x

I'm running the above Leupold's on carbines, a Mini30 and a Ruger .44 tube model. Mine are older Vari-X-IIc models. They are billed as shotgun scopes and so marked, the parallex settinngs are shorter than a "rifle" scope, but it troubles me not in the least.

At one point, the Mini saw quite a bit of shooting as we used it in a local 3 gun match for awhile. Mini's are famous for being scope bashers, but the Leupold held up fine. The one on the .44 gave me some trouble after a reticle change at the Leupold custom shop, and got a return trip back to Leupold, no questions asked, and it's fine now too.

I picked up both of these, used, reasonably, in the $175 range I believe. I've found them rugged and reliable, and they have a good support net with Leupold for repair, and some custom work.
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