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I'm lucky enough to have an outdoor range nearby with individual (high dirt berm) lanes. My normal practice consists of drawing from cover - shirt or shirt and jacket, weather dependent - and hitting a steel knock-down plate at 7-10 yards. I point shoot from around mid-waist high and can draw and hit in just under 3 seconds most times. I carry OWB at 3 o'clock and wear either a t-shirt or polo shirt. I only have two carry guns, a Shield 9 and a Keltec P32. I figure if I can hit reliably at 7-10 I should be able to hit at contact range.

I practice the same type drill dry fire at home and am trying hard to get down to 1.5 second or less. I do practice off-hand, but due to my carry position I don't really have a way to draw left hand.

But I also practice dry fire from the hip, using a mirror. I draw and shoot as soon as the muzzle is gut level. That I can do in 1-1.5 sec, but my goal is kraigwy's hand clap speed.
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