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Handgun accuracy

Accuracy builds confidence, even though that accuracy will not be realized in a fight. Essentially it is most important that the weapon operate 100% of the time both in two hands, one and with the off hand plus single hand from the hip.

Accuracy in a fight, open your palm all the way and put it in the center of your chest, that's all you need at 7 yards in a fight. Normally you will not identify a threat with sufficient cause to draw your weapon until he is well within 7 yards. That threat is not clearly identified until he closes the gap and takes aggressive action.

Which is why I do not understand why people practice without including contact range shooting. Drawing the weapon with one hand while you defend or distract with the other at contact range. Most people who I teach cannot draw their concealed weapon with one hand when it is under an un-tucked shirt, forget about a tucked in shirt. They have learned to lift the shirt with one hand ad draw the weapon with the other. But what if you can't do that?

And nobody seems to ever practice firing from the hip, in close.
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