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BR, you're right I should have included this in the original post, rather than just left it open-ended with the story.

So what is the tie-in to Tactics or Training?
The tie-in would be how the officer(s):

1) Planned their mission, including surveillance and intelligence about occupants of the house.

2) Executed that mission, including use of a flash-bang grenade

3) Method of entry, which did not overwhelm the occupants to protect their safety as well as the officers' safety

4) Method of handing confrontation and resistance

5) Officer's decision to draw his firearm rather than subdue the woman and cuff her for her own safety, what he said/didn't say, why his finger was on the trigger, and what he saw when he decided to pull the trigger (if intentional), and what he did immediately following discharge

6) What all the other officers were doing at the time

7) Response to the result (7-year-old girl bleeding from a gunshot to the head)

8) Transition to original mission to apprehend the suspect, or was that conducted in parallel?

9) Anything I left out? Maybe what happens to a trained (or under-trained, to tie in with the thread about PD Weapons Qualification) professional, and to the operational team as a unit, when all that training, planning, and intel goes down the toilet 3-seconds after the battle begins?

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