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rtpzwms is very much right about the mindset of medical people. It's just different. I have 20 years of nursing experience in my past and you couldn't pay me enough to go back.
I can personally guarantee you that large numbers of these people would lie,cheat,steal, whatever was needed to take away your guns. They cannot contemplate that they may be wrong.
I have seen the studies these charlatans use in the attempt to make this a social issue, after being challenged, I printed one up and took it apart piece by piece at the nurses desk. You would have thought I had personally insulted all of their mothers at once! When it became clear that this research was flawed in every way possible, they suddenly had something important to do in a patients room. All of them. Not one of them wanted to have their illusions shattered so they RAN AWAY.
We would get ex-military nurses in, they were quite often treated with contempt or outright run off by the staff.
Don't get me wrong I have worked with men and women that I consider angels on this earth, truly some of the finest examples of what a human being should be end up in nursing!
There is a large proportion of the profession who like having power over others and thats why they are doing it. The parts of the medical profession that have this agenda are the parts of the medical profession that have no scruples about lying, cheating ,and twisting facts to get what they want. They make very sympathetic examples to stick in front of a camera.

This is MUCH more of a threat than you think!

If,as I said in my post above this is a backdoor ban by denying health coverage understand your healthcare providers may not be on your side!
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