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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
I started with a Frankford and I found it loud and it rattled itself to failure in less than two years. I dissected it, found the wires that needed help and reconnected them. It lasted many months after that fix but eventually one of the copper windings snapped and I junked it.

Replaced it with a Berry’s tumbler and ran that one maybe 5 years give or take. Replaced that with a Cabela’s which was 100% a Berry’s tumbler but with a green bowl instead of blue. I’m still running that one and recently snagged another new Berry’s as a back-up since they don’t seem to be easy to find anymore.

Wet tumbling and sonic cleaning are NOT the answer when someone asks about a vibratory tumbler. Yes, I love the way your brass looks, it is gorgeous and I would love for mine to be that gorgeous also, however not at the expense of the hassle of having to dry something out. I just don’t want that on my list of annoyances. The vibratory tumbler and a lamp timer is the answer for me.
Never tried sonic, But it looks much less efficient than standard dry or wet tumbling.

Wet tumbling MAY be the answer based on the price range the OP is looking at.

I have experience with both. I gave my experience with my dry tumbler. As well as what I am doing now and why, wet. If the OP is almost in the $200 range, it should be a consideration.
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