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I started with a Frankford and I found it loud and it rattled itself to failure in less than two years. I dissected it, found the wires that needed help and reconnected them. It lasted many months after that fix but eventually one of the copper windings snapped and I junked it.

Replaced it with a Berry’s tumbler and ran that one maybe 5 years give or take. Replaced that with a Cabela’s which was 100% a Berry’s tumbler but with a green bowl instead of blue. I’m still running that one and recently snagged another new Berry’s as a back-up since they don’t seem to be easy to find anymore.

Wet tumbling and sonic cleaning are NOT the answer when someone asks about a vibratory tumbler. Yes, I love the way your brass looks, it is gorgeous and I would love for mine to be that gorgeous also, however not at the expense of the hassle of having to dry something out. I just don’t want that on my list of annoyances. The vibratory tumbler and a lamp timer is the answer for me.
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