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Ruger 3" LCRX .38 Spl. +P

I call it my super lightweight 38/44 because it can handle the hottest .38 special loads all the way up to 415 foot pounds ME.
FWIW, Buffalo Bore Outdoorsman +P chronographed out of this LCRX 158 grain at 1079 fps. Out of a 3" barrel pretty close to the original 38/44 specs of 158 grain at 1150 out of a six inch barrel.
It's my EDC around the ranch doing chores, working in the woods, etc. So light that it's a joy to carry.

Some people would call it ugly, but it sure shoots BEAUTIFUL groups!
After replacing the stock front sight with a HiViz red fiber optic, I went down to the field to sight it in. First two shots at 5 yards were dead center in the green tape bull. Walked back to ten yards and the next six shots were in a tight group, then walked back to fifteen yards and took a couple more shots and it was still centered. My target reloads with 3.5 trailboss, 158 grain RN lead. Standing off hand all shots double action. 1.75 inch group, ten shots. I've shot this gun testing my reloads, but have not shot at a paper target in over a year! This makes me want to shoot it some more. I love the new FO sights!

The other mod I just did was to grind down the Hogue Tamer grips as much as possible. I used a coarse sanding disk on a fixed mandrel to take it down and a 3/4 sanding drum to smooth out and take a bunch off by the finger guard. Then I hand sanded down and stipple back out with a wood burner tip. In this photo you can see how narrow it is now. But I left the cushion, so that I can shoot hot loads.
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