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Originally Posted by Spats McGee View Post
To be honest, that looks a lot like the ATF is saying, "It's new. We don't like it. Let's try to ban it."
I can only imagine the back and forth over this at the ATF the past few weeks/months:

"Well, it's not a rifled barrel and it has a buttstock, thus it can only be a shotgun."

"Yeah, but to be a shotgun the barrel has to be smooth."

"It's not rifled and it's not smooth, but it's obviously going to be the next trend by gunmakers to make what would be a short barrel shotgun with a barrel under 18 inches and put these grooves in it so it doesn't have to be regulated like Short Barrel Shotguns are, so we have to come up with something otherwise there's going to be blood running in the streets."

"Oh hell, let's just work some magic like we did with bump stocks and say it simulates a sawed off shotgun and that which simulates that which is regulated we'll just declare that the simulated gun IS what it simulates and thus must also be regulated."

"EXCELLENT! That simulated gun being no different than the gun that's regulated would work wonders for those pesky pistol braces and the SBR regulations! We'll get to working on that when we get back in 2020. Excellent work people, we saved the day again! Merry Christmas to all!"
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