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Indeed, I tried to get my kids interested in politics (not political ranting on line) early so they understood the concept of eroding rights. And that is certainly called the bill of rights not the bill of needs.

I love laws, and I favor their application over absence, no doubt. But what used to be a reasonably clear outline and the ability to line up 12 people with a enough common sense among them to determine right from wrong. Has, like almost all legal games, turned into a financial equation, leaning far from justice.

Just in my life alone it went from "what do most people say?" to "Ummm, wait, that pissed this one sub group off, so we have to rethink everything!"

Words to live by, passed down to me, and at least passed down to my three...
"Don't you worry about those "Give me more" folks, they always get what is theirs."

It is why I care much less if someone took everything I have, vs took my ability to get it all back!
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